Perspective – 5 Keys to Designing Successful Thinking

Wikimedia Commons, Alice Popkorn

Self-mastery is self-management. Confidence is #1 and the most desired state. Emotions are a driving force and we either direct them or they direct our perspective. So how we choose to think defines our success on all levels and in any situation – business, personal or social.

Our thinking always telegraphs itself through our demeanor, facial expression, and voice tone. And if our mind, and what we are trying to project, isn’t in harmony, then we send a confusing message. However, when they are in accord, our communication has a compatible strength that is hard to ignore.

So, how do we design and refine a congruent message for a strong and healthy inner outlook and outer charisma? By incorporating the 5 key elements:

  1. Mind, Body and Spirit – the power tools of perspective management. There are a slew of gurus on each of these subjects. And Mom had some pretty good advice too. It’s really nothing more than the 3 C’s of – Common Sense, Commitment and Cultivation
  2. Time, Space and Organization Management. You can defeat stress and conquer success by applying the principles of Feng Shui to your life on all fronts. Feng Shui is the art of environmental placement. Its #1 rule – if you don’t absolutely love it or it doesn’t serve you, let it go to serve someone else. And that can be anything from paper to people (with complete integrity of course).
  3. Unleashing Creativity and Play – the joy, rapture and balance of life that can be found everywhere and in everything. Give life to your visions and passions, whatever they are – whether its placing oil on canvas, entertaining others, putting ideas to paper or coming up with an inspirational solution to a problem. Creativity and play begets fulfillment and joy.
  4. Managing What We Don’t Like and Circumstances We Don’t Create. Always take excellent care of yourself so you can handle what you need to for you and others (where appropriate). Honour all your feelings and feel them so you can release them. Then ask the question “what is the joy and opportunity in this situation” – no matter what it is, and write it down. The power gained from this simple act is profound.
  5. Free Your Dreams. Explore what excites, motives and impassions you everywhere in your life – it’s essential for designing a great life. Let go completely and ask “if I could have anything, go anywhere or do anything I wished for with no emotional, intellectual, physical, financial or talent and skill restrictions, what would I choose?” What a great way to get to know yourself and enhance your life’s path.

With these 5 keys operating it’s hard to ignore the person who is filled with the passion, excitement and joy that comes through their voice tone, eye contact and overall demeanor. They are inspiring, confident and compelling. We’ve all met such people and we can have those characteristics too – it’s up to us.

Remember, success or failure is largely the result of choosing how to think combined with accumulated daily cultivation. Whatever is practiced consistently over time becomes a habit as natural as breathing air.

Define, Design & Direct Your Perspective – The Keys to Successful Thinking, Confidence & Success

Sharon Danley, Bon vi-vant
Utilizing Performance Psychology, Inner Management & Outer Expression