Coping with a Fixed Income

030715_Cope_webIn my mind I never saw myself 64 and living on a fixed income.  The old budget isn’t what it used to be.  Things have happened outside of my control, like accidents, surgery, and being in a wheelchair for almost two years.  Being out of work and using retirement savings to live.

“Old age is not for the weak of heart!”

So today I work part time.  The changes are a challenge but I use the word COPE:
C – can do – do what you can
O – often take time to breathe
P – place one foot in front of the other and keep going
E – every road has turns, you can always change your mind.

Faith in what you have done in the past and a good sense of humor goes a long way. Believe in yourself.  Appreciate simplicity your life.  For me that includes my dog, who gets me out each day, and also provides me with unconditional love I need in my life.  Be ready to dream new dreams, because the one thing we can count on is change.

So we change, live and find happiness.

– Liza Davis